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I’m not much of a beach person in the summer. Crowds and traffic can trigger my anxiety and heat triggers my migraines and vertigo. So on my trip to Rohoebeth Beach with some friends my husband and I headed home a day early and stopped in Dover at the welcome center. The Biggs Museum of Art was a block a way and was having an Ansel Adams Exhibit.

Mughals Garden of Laughter Louise Gatanas

I totally fell in love with this contemporary artist, Louise Gatanas.

Natures Pulse II Marcia Reed

I love the use of color and lines in this one, Nature’s Pulse by Marcia Reed.

They also have a nice collection of historical work.

The view of Broadway at the top left is a different take on the big apple. I am finding I enjoy the Hudson School of Art and, as always, the Impressionists. The painting on the top right is of Rehoboth Beach, DE. It didn’t look like this when we were there. There were hoards of people and not any green spaces. The boardwalk was interesting, if not my cup of tea. I didn’t take my camera to the beach because of concerns of carrying it in my increasingly heavy bag and sand.

Here is another lovely selection of Hudson School of Art and I’m not sure what category the flower box falls into, but I liked it. I think my favorite painting in this collection was the one of the trees.