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I have been asked about creating art parties for birthdays and other special events and I have come up with an outline of what I would like to offer.

Art Party

What we would do would depend upon your budget and how many people of what age range would be participating. Each party starts with a $50 setup fee. The most cost-effective party would consist of me bringing simple coloring pages that I would teach the people/children to Zentangle® on and then we would color them. This would cost $7/ person and I would supply everything necessary. I have artist quality pens that are appropriate for children and other pens for adults that they would keep. The most expensive art party would include each person/child getting a Zentangle® gift bag that would include a pen, pencil, tortillion, and 5 Zentangle® tiles. These are either the basic 3.5 inch Zentangle® tiles or the Apprentice® (bigger) tiles of a good quality watercolor paper that are die cut with the Zentangle® logo on the back. That would be for them to take home. I would provide 2 hours of instruction and we would decorate 2 tiles during the party. One of the tiles could be assembled into a mosaic of your child’s initial/name or an image that would be meaningful to him/her and depend on the number of participants. The participants would not know about the overall design until we put it together in the mosaic. This would be $30/person. I wouldn’t recommend this package with many children under about 9. Of course, there is a lot of room in between to see what we can put together. I would require a temperature controlled room with tables and chairs appropriate to the class. I bring my own easel and drawing board for instruction.

art party photo

Samples of the first tile we would learn to draw

Anybody interested? Use the contact form to start a conversation about an art party or to register for one of my classes.