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I was asked to fill in for an altered book workshop this past Sunday and it was delightful!

One of the women selected a chapter book rather than a picture book and spent a lot of time removing pages and specific words from pages. I love how she made a space for color to peek through. Her book is in the top right of the mosaic.


One of my students really loved this picture book and took it in some interesting directions. She started by cutting out the elephant and filling the negative space with print from a dictionary page. In the photo above you can see how she worked off of a phrase on the page about hearing and included some ear related images and words. Below is a photo earlier in the process.


Another student was an avid art journaler and created two of the two horizontal photos in the mosaic at the top of the page and this one below. I particularly love how this one came out.


This class was so energizing and fun. We talked about having a monthly art journaling workshop starting in the fall and I am looking forward to teaching that.

I hope you have a beautiful day.