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I haven’t finished posting about my pandemic art series, but I wanted to share a project I just completed and an ongoing challenge I’m participating in. The 100 day challenge is intended to help artists develop a regular practice of creating art. I decided to make 100 floral images. Here is my valentine for my husband. I have uploaded it to my Fine Art America page if you want to get it on cards.


I have participated in the 100 mandalas challenge but I didn’t do it everyday and I lost track of where I was both times I tried it. Part of the loosing track was moving from Wisconsin to New Jersey and then moving back to Wisconsin. But I digress. I have enjoyed the first 17 days of the challenge and I will do more posts on the whole body of work in the future.

Yesterday’s visual garden developed from a larger piece I had created last week.

abstract secondary colors

I really liked the shape of the large orange flowers and decided to create a stamp inspired by it. This piece was an exploration of doodled, abstract flowers with tones of the secondary paint colors. I really enjoyed mixing the paint and playing with the different shades and tints. I love how the colors turned out and I wanted to do it again. This time I wanted to mix 3 primary colors to get a whole rainbow of possibilities. I selected quinacridone magenta, yellow medium azo, and cerulean blue hue in heavy body acrylic paint. I mixed each of the colors with black and white. Both pieces are painted on gessoed paper grocery bags. It is a really nice weight and texture of paper and I have easy access to lots of it. And I always like to upcycle what I can.


I carved my stamp and painted my background green made from mixing my yellow and blue paints. It turned out very yellow when I painted it but it looked green on my pallet. Then I separated some rose images using a paintbrush and water to get soft edges on the tissue paper. This is a Tim Holtz floral tissue paper that I love to use in backgrounds.


I learned this technique for building up a garden background in a lesson in the Wanderlust 2021 year-long class that I’m taking. It was taught by Laly Mille and I loved it. I know this is a technique I will use a lot in the future so thank you very much! I added photos from magazines where I wanted the garden and book pages where I planned to put the text.

I added my own twist to the process and stenciled some flowers in the background. Last summer I discovered the Stencil Girl company and joined their Stencil Club and I love it. I got this floral stencil at the cyber Monday sale and have used it a lot. I let the yellow and magenta combine organically as I pounced paint on it with a makeup sponge. The more realistic flowers are from a Shawn Petite stencil. I love the stencils both of these artists sell and the videos they have of techniques for using them. But back to my valentine. I used gesso to make a clear place for my quote that I printed on tissue paper.

When I tried to stencil the yellow flowers they wouldn’t show up until I put some gesso through the stencil first. I realized I would need some gesso to make my abstract flowers pop. I used the colors right out of the tube and made circles where the flowers were going to go. The magenta and yellow mixed in the process and looked great.

background circles

I used my new stamp on the yellow circles and painted purple flowers on the magenta circles using the June 2020 Stencil Club 6×6 inch stencil. This stencil set is my new favorite. I didn’t take a picture of it, but when the flower stamps were on the yellow circles it look like viewmaster reels, does anybody still play with those? I also used my smaller flower stamp and stamped all around. I painted those flowers blue and played with embellishing and embellishing. I just got a bunch of Posca paint pens and I love them so much. Sometimes the right tool makes all the difference. almost finished

I splattered some yellow paint and glued my quote down with matte medium. I love how the tissue just disappears. There was too much white around the quote so I added some more blue flowers and it was done.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Wishing you love and beauty today and every day.