Still Assembling the Pieces


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JeanetteClawson_StillAssemblingThePieces_Mixed media on gessoboard_16x16

Mandala 52 of 100. This mandala is for the Dunya exhibit at Alhamra Art Center in Bernardsville, NJ, October 14, 2017- November 15, 2017.

DUNYA is a word common to many languages like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Turkish. It has many layers of meanings. It can mean the ‘world’, the ‘earth’, the ‘society’ or ‘humankind’, the ‘mortal existence’.

Draw the Circle Wide Mandala


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Draw the Circle Wide Layers

This may look familiar. It is part of a diptych I made for my living room. I’m greatly enjoying having them both up until the show at Alhamra Art Center in Bernardsville, NJ in October and November. Here they are together. They are mandalas 47 and 49 of 100!

Here are some process pictures of the second one.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

New Art Class Fun & WIP Update


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RE introductionI’m taking a wonderful collage class about painting with paper and I’m loving it! I have already discovered some new toys and new interpretations of old ones. One of my old favorites is using parts of napkins to capture gratitude. Sometimes they are from specific events – such as these 2 funny ones from my Religious Education teacher training last weekend. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the 5th & 6th grade children and families from my Unitarian Fellowship.

I’m going to be doing more in my gratitude journal to experiment with ideas from this class. Yesterday I went to Michael’s to get my Eclipse Mandala framed for my October show and I bought a few fun things inspired by the class. None of them are in this art journal page layout because this is from the last week. Mandala 49 is almost done and this layout includes some experiments for that.

I’m also working on some art and a brochure for a class I will be offering in October. It is designed to get you started on a Zentangle® journal practice and will include the Pre-Strung Zentangle® journal. I should have an update in the next few days on this.

What is beautiful in your life today?

Diva Challenge 332: 2 Squared


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The Diva, Laura Harms, is back from her summer break. She has a simple Zentangle® challenge for us today, use some combination of 2 squares as your string. I’m working on a journal for my Zentangle® Primer class I will be teaching in October. The tangle patterns that I used in this challenge are from the first lesson in that class. They are called shattuck, jetties, and bales.

To see more Zentangle® fun and my guest post from this summer check out the Diva’s challenge!

So Much Gratitude


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eclipse mandala in progress


You may see signs of some of my big art pieces in progress over the last few weeks of gratitude journaling, especially the Eclipse Mandala. I’m still learning Zentangle patterns in white on black. They behave and get shaded/highlighted differently. It took quite a bit of practice and auditioning to get to the finished mandala collage. I think I will include it here again because I’m enjoying looking at it and I hope you are, too!

eclipse mandala

I think I am going to do some drawing on top of the gold, but I’m not quite sure what the plan is yet.

Eclipse Mandala


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eclipse mandala

This piece is inspired by the Diamond Ring phenomenon from the eclipse. I am submitting it for a show this fall at Alhamra Art Center. This is a repurposed canvas from a painting party fundraiser. Here is my original version of the painting – it was a bunch of balloons and I made them more like flowers.

painting party picture

And I added some collage and some Zentangles. I’m not sure it is 100% done. I kind of want to tangle on the gold, but once it is on the canvas it is tricky. Maybe tomorrow I will post the development of the Zentangle Inspired Art – Mandala 50 of 100!

Draw the Circle Wide Mandala


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Big Mandala 47 done take 2

This is the large (for me 30″x30″) mandala that I have been working on all summer. There are a lot of layers and I took some pictures of the process. I really became fascinated with layers of acrylic glazes and am making a partner piece to this one that is more focused on that technique.

draw the circle wide mandala in progress

I started with collaged dictionary and other book pages onto the gessoboard. I also included some stamps. Then I did about a week’s worth of journaling on the board and stenciled a quote from a song that we sang at the Unitarian Fellowship I attend. This song has really resonated with me and really captures some of what I feel about my mandalas.

draw the circle wide mandala iris layer

I already shared this layer with you earlier in the summer.

Draw the circle wide collage mandala layer 1

At this point what I was envisioning for the mandala started to change. There were a number of intermediate layers that didn’t really work for me. So I got started on the mandala pieces. I’m still learning about layers in collage and what kinds of paint play well together. I used some gouache paint and that left wrinkles in some of the pieces, but I decided to incorporate some Wabi Sabi into the finished piece. I may add some more gold accents, but I think it is done.


I played with a lot of different papers including navigation maps, dictionary pages, pages from a Chinese Poetry textbook and tissue. I continue to love how tissue paper works in collage. I used an old Vogue pattern for one of the pieces and decorated it with a Zentangle® pattern. Each of the pieces had some Zentangle® patterns.Big Mandala 47

I really toyed with leaving the layers show through in this point in the mandala but it was too much of a contrast from the other parts.

Big Mandala 47 done

Here is the fully assembled piece, but it needed some more Wabi Sabi so I added gold paint in a few of the joints. You can see it in these close up pictures of the details.

big big mandala 47 detail 2

big mandala 47 detail

The finished piece will be on exhibit at the Alhamra Art Center in September and October and is available for purchase through the Center. This is mandala 47 of 100. To join the 100 Mandala challenge check out Kathryn Costa’s website.